Welcome to the awesome world of A La Carte Catering & Cakes, thank you for visiting our website and choosing to view our blog! This proves not only do you have GREAT taste in your choice of caterers, but also a GREAT palate for GREAT food!

As I sit here on a warm, sunny day constructing the contents of this blog, I am reminded that we are all still very much a part of the “Shelter in Place” order as mandated by our state and local counties, due to the Coronavirus PANdemic. “Bummer” because as I mentioned, it’s a warm and sunny day that would make a COVID-19, mask-free stroll in the park a wonderful thing to do right now, however, the good news is that you are reading this blog which means you are safe and alive so I guess it isn’t such “ bummer” after all!

Now that I have your attention, let’s be real! Your PAN’s have been utilized more during this PANdemic than usual, right? Thus, the REAL reason you are visiting our website, you and your PAN’s need a break so A La Carte Catering & Cakes becomes a true partner and asset because we do the shopping, the preparation, and for the right price even the delivery! We love being a viable asset for our customers and yes, even for their PAN’s that I am sure are secretly thanking us from wherever they are in the kitchen.