Stuffed salmon with asparagus on the sideHappy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season, but now it’s time to get back to work! And if you’re the one in charge of corporate catering, you might think it’s time to return to the old methods of feeding those in your company. But trust us, those tried-and-true methods are repetitive-and-dull. What’s so bad about picking up the food yourself?

People are tired of cold cuts – When you stop by the grocery store and grab a meat platter to feed the people in our company, you’re certainly not going to be a hero. Grocery store cold cuts are the most bland meat you can buy, and it can be hard telling the difference between the turkey and the ham. Plus you’ve got to grab all the sides and condiments, which just languish in the company refrigerator because no one is sure whether they should use them or not.

But doesn’t A La Carte offer sandwiches? We most certainly do, but the quality is considerably higher than what you’ll get at the grocery store. The turkey tastes like turkey, the ham tastes like ham. And everyone gets their own condiments!

Hot food just doesn’t travel well – Let’s say that you decide to go the fried chicken route (or any other hot food, for that matter.) Unless you have professional insulated transportation equipment, it’s going to be lukewarm by the time you get back to your office. And while people like cold fried chicken, room-temperature fried chicken is just weird. And room temperature potato salad is questionable. A La Carte has the corporate catering equipment that keeps the cold food cold and the hot food hot so that everyone at your event will be happy and healthy.

Show your employees you care by giving them the best in corporate catering every time you provide them lunch. Contact A La Carte today!