1. Despite Inconveniences What Can We Do For You?

    By now, you have embraced February as “Black History Month,” endured yet ANOTHER Super Bowl win by Tom Brady, bought or received a Valentine’s Day Card, candy, and/or flowers. As we approached Mardi Gras FAT TUESDAY, we realized it was just not as FAT this year due to…drum roll… INCLEMENT WEATHER IN TEXAS that affected ALL OF US in the DFW area!!!! Our hopes for a GRAND ENTRANCE to the y…Read More

  2. 2021 The Year of the Survivor!!!!

    Whew! We made it through 2020, the year of the PAN-DEMIC and trust me WE LEARNED A LOT, it was a year of reflections and longing for things to “re-turn” to normalcy or what we thought was normal. We were “thrust” and “forced” into many things that we had not availed ourselves to in years, bonding, family, creativity and the acceptance of things we had no control over, insurmountable ch…Read More