Whew! We made it through 2020, the year of the PAN-DEMIC and trust me WE LEARNED A LOT, it was a year of reflections and longing for things to “re-turn” to normalcy or what we thought was normal. We were “thrust” and “forced” into many things that we had not availed ourselves to in years, bonding, family, creativity and the acceptance of things we had no control over, insurmountable challenges and more but still yet we emerged from it. It was a year of loss for many and gain for some but at the end of the last few seconds of 2020 and on into the year 2021 the clock said you made it, WE MADE IT! BRAVO!!!

Now that we are here, let us get out our invisible telescopes and take a “sneak peek” into what is to come… are you ready? Okay, here goes… you will now star in your own season of “The Survivor”! No NOT the TV Series where people are on an isolated island (…hmm that was sort of what we felt like in 2020 huh…) oh well that year is over, so back to 2021. On the TV show you must provide for yourselves and compete for rewards and immunity from elimination and become the SURVIVOR and guess what? YOU WILL SURVIVE!

Though some challenges with the PAN-DEMIC may not be over, you have and will continue to SURVIVE them all!

The team at A La Carte welcomes you to 2021 and looks forward to seeing and hearing about your season of “Survivor”!

**Stay tuned as we at A La Carte Catering & Cakes, REALLY DO want to see and hear about your stories of “Survival”, our “How Are You Surviving” contest complete with rules, entry and submission content details will be sent via email so be sure we have the correct email on file for you. The winner of the contest will receive a catered dinner for five, complete with dessert and a complimentary bottle of champagne**. To be awarded April 30th.